l o v e l y t h i n g s


J a n u a r y

January has always been my favorite month...strange, maybe...but it's when things slow down a little, it's quiet in the winter.  The holidays come in like a storm and then are gone before you know it.  I love everything about the holidays, but when January comes around, I'm ready for things to return to normal and routines go back into place for everyone.  The house after Christmas seems very orderly once everything has been put away and I always try to find daisies...not easy...but they are the furthest thing from Christmas...and that's what I love about them. 
"I love daisies.  They're so friendly.  Don't you think that daisies are the friendliest flowers?"  Kathleen Kelly 
This was taken at about 10am this morning.  The current temperature is 84º at the beach...probably a lot hotter inland.   
My resolutions are simple this year.  Be kinder to everyone.  Of course eating healthier is always top on the list.  I made cinnamon water and it makes the house smell divine.  I'm not certain of the health benefits.  I did a little research, but I know one thing for sure...the house smelling like cinnamon is a lot healthier than butter and onions on a regular basis.  One thing I generally do in January is read more.  So I'm going to enjoy the next hour on my patio in the shade with a wonderful book my sister recommended.  Her book group read Halfway to Each Other by Susan Pohlman and she hosted the group in her home last month with the author who now resides in Phoenix, AZ.   Cheers to January, New Year's resolutions and good books.


  1. I like your resolutions, they seem wise - and the photos are lovely! :-)

  2. Sounds like a perfect way to enjoy January!
    Love a good book and the house smelling of Cinammon sounds lovely!

    Abigail x

  3. You've Got Mail is one of my favorites. Any take on Pride and Predudice :)
    I wish it was 84 degrees here...burr. My new years resolution is to go to the beach more. I even bought the table in a bag for future picnics. Thanks for the wonderful inspiration ou provide the blog world:)

  4. Cheers indeed! I relate to your January feelings..

  5. Happy New Year! Lovely Everything in this post. Thank you, as always. And let us know how the book is.

  6. Hi Annie! I am soo loving this weather. It's 70 degrees up here and I have all the windows open in the house and there is a gentle warm breeze. I know we need rain but I could definitely get use to days like this and let the rain come at night. Wouldn't that be perfect?

    I was just reading as well and finished Gone with the Wind. I can't believe it took me 41 years to finally read it. It was amazing and I am so bummed that it is over. I need another book that is similar, any suggestions?

    I love daisies. My bridal bouquet and floral arrangements were marguerite daisies. I love the simplicity and happiness of them, and yes, they are friendly.

  7. Hi Annie....cheers and happy new year to you!

    I know right....what is up with the weather?

    xox kelley

  8. That beach picture just relaxed me.....how pretty! Love your resolutions, that is one of mine too along with being more patient/tolerant! Funny I have grown to like Jan. and sometimes like this year, appreciate the "calm after the storm" (holidays) as much as I love them, kind of enjoying the calm peace, aside from moving that is:)

  9. Oh I could go for a walk on that beach...here you'd need serious rain boots as it is raining buckets and has been for a few days.

    Cinnamon is good for weight loss, I read that UBC reported that fact last year. I just like the scent and taste of it on my porridge.

    Yes to Daisies
    any day Annie!

  10. I am glad things have slowed down for you. I love reading as well, so thanks for the recommendation - I will look for it.

  11. The cinnamon must be very comforting and soothing.
    Your book sounds interesting.
    I just re-read "Let the Great World Spin" Colum McCann
    May the peace and tranquility of January continue.

    Helen x

  12. Happy New Year! I smiled at the quote - "You've Got Mail" is one of my favourite movies. I like daisies too, they are so cheerful. My own New Year's resolution is to try to relax and be less frazzled.

  13. Daisies are my favorite! They are happy and remind me of my mother. She was a hippy growing up in LA and there is a high school picture of her with daisies that gives me a peek into what her youth must have been like. I just love daisies.

  14. Cinammon water I must look it up, you just infuse water with the sticks?
    And someone who likes January? Well that's a first, I think everyone here is depressed, it's dark, dank and blowing gales outside.

  15. Sounds like we're on the same page iwth our resolutions - trying to answer the phone with a smile on my face so that I sound cheery to all who call... A house smelling of cinnamon is divine (the next best thing if you can't have oatmeal cookies in the oven!) Happy weekend!

  16. Annie, your blog is such a retreat for me...almost like I feel more peaceful after a rest at your place. I am going to be kinder, too.

  17. YOu must live in San Diego since you mentioned temps "inland" and yes it is very warm. Personally, I am hoping for some more seasonal weather here pretty quick. And since my own hippie days in the seventies daisies were a favorite of mine and still are.

  18. Annie.... My dad is visiting and he's been making a dark cinnamon tea and drinks it daily. It helps to keep the blood sugar down. He boils it in a big pot for an hour and my home smells divine! He keeps it in a pitcher in th fridge and drinks a couple of glasses a day. It's quite refreshing.

    Miss that warm January weather-it was 10 degrees when I left for work the other day but today it hit 50... Hope you're well...talk soon....Eileen

  19. The daisies and beach are so relaxing! Like the calm after the storm... Christmas Rush!! Thanks for the book recommendation, I can't wait to get started!

  20. I can almost smell the ocean from here! How nice to take time to sit and read. It is like a therapy session really - and something I almost never do unless on vacation. Must change that!