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         It's official...I have moved to Wordpress.   Please find Lovely Things here and thank you!



I'm still trying to figure out if I'm going to stick with Wordpress or come back to blogger.  There are great arguments for both.  Between my frustration with trying to figure out why my photos look so much better here and the emails I keep getting from Apple about icloud,  oh and the move to Connecticut...I'm going a little batty!  Read more about this pizza over here.


industrial + rj imports + Mary Ann

Last week I met up with Mary Ann of  classic . casual . home at RJ imports.  Some of my favorite pieces in our current home are from RJ's and I can't wait to see how they work in my new home.
 RJ Imports is in an industrial area of San Juan Capistrano in a warehouse along side the train tracks. Recently they've spruced up a bit and have styled some areas to give you an idea of what some things might look like at home.  You can see Mary Ann in the mirror.  She is as warm, funny and beautiful in person as she comes through on her blog.
    I may need one of these before I leave...hopefully still in the crate...to get it their in one piece.
    The parking lot is filled with pots, urns, tables, and items for your patio or courtyard.
 I would love that large hutch to possibly use as a closet/dresser....Since our home was built in 1900 and I have not actually seen the house, I'm not sure if it has closets.  When I asked my husband he said, "No, I think it has closets."  No, yes...what does that mean exactly? 
                                                  I love a little industrial...what about you?


Cucina Enoteca

Last evening we had dinner with our good friends at Cucina Enoteca.  I had never heard of it, but my friend knew I could not miss out on dining here before leaving for the east coast.  Imagine having dinner in an Anthropologie store.  The website describes it this way:  "A California inspired kitchen and wine shop." 
The lemonade infused with lavender was amazing.  Actually everything we ordered was delicious and served in a very creative, but down to earth way.  
I loved the bread baskets.  Everything from the lighting to the furniture, to the serving pieces are available for purchase. 
The patio was lit by a string of lights in the olive trees, inside an assortment of interesting pendant lights and even in the ladies room...I loved these sconces.
 This location is the first in Orange County at Irvine Spectrum, plus three locations in San Diego.  Check it out here.

I'm thinking of switching back to Blogger...is that crazy? Maybe, but I'm going a little crazy trying to figure out how to upload beautiful photos on my new blog.   I'm just not happy with the photos on my new wordpress blog.


I'm making the switch to WordPress...

With the help from Elizabeth, The Mustard Ceiling and Chris, The Blog Butler...I'm switching to WordPress.  I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a smooth transition.  You can find Lovely Things here.


Love the Place You Live: Dana Point, California

Dana Point, California...at least for the next 71 days. Yikes!  When I read that Design Mom was going to have a link up called "Love Where You Live" I knew I had to participate.  Right now and for the last almost three years, we have called Dana Point home.  I have so many pictures of our beautiful beaches on sunny days, but I wanted this post to be authentic.  So on Saturday afternoon after baseball we went to the Dana Point Harbor.  Even on a gray day like it was on Saturday, there is so much going on. 
The Ocean Institute offers classes and tours of the Tall Ship Pilgrim.  Docents are dressed in period costume as they greet and guide you back in time.  Children from all over Southern California take field trips to the Ocean Institute.
 Stand up paddle has become hugely popular the last few years.  They rent boards and paddles by the hour and "baby beach" (as the locals call it) was the perfect place to get the hang of it before heading out to the open water.
I can't even begin to tell you how many versions of license plates we have seen that incorporate surf.  I wish I had kept a log...  We will miss a lot about California when we move back east, but I think for me...it will be the sunsets.  Even on the gloomiest of days...somehow the sun seems to make an appearance just as it sets.


Domino. . . you make my heart sing!

Ashlyn wrote about Domino first thing this morning...and by 6 o'clock I had a copy in my hands.  And I have to say even with all the hype and publicity this issue has received...it did not disappoint.  "quick fixes"...this is absolutely perfect for my personal endeavor.  In case you haven't read in my previous posts, we bought a home built in 1900 in Connecticut and will relocate back to the NY area this summer.  The thing is...I haven't actually seen the house.  I think it will need a few "quick fixes' while we figure everything out...but I can't wait!