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Summertime + red and white

I loved the red and white napkins from my last post.  I wish I could find a source where to buy them, but the decor of Heirloom restaurant reminded me of how much I love the combination of red and white and not just at the holidays.
There's something about indoor chairs outside that just make it a little more special. 

I think my friend Lisa just rolled her eyes at my selection of wine.  We love Columbia Crest wine...is that terrible?  It's  only $6.99 a bottle.   Lisa lived in France for a few years and she gave us this linen towel on one of our visits to Paris.   And since it went with my red and white theme...I guess I should have picked up a few bottles of French wine.

I usually use lanterns...now I remember why....we had to constantly light these from the breeze, but it was a beautiful night.  We served a grilled tri-tip steak, Amber's slaw, Parmesan smashed potatoes and freshly baked bread.
I always love red geraniums.

Staying with my summer red and white theme, we had strawberry shortcake for dessert.

 A new little baking dish from Gelson's.
I filled it with lemons and the ceramic one in front was made by daughter in art class.  My kids always notice when I bring something they've made out and find a new place for it.  The older I get the more cherished these little things are to me.


  1. I really like your red and white theme! Very chic! Did you make your centerpieces using white stock? Looks pretty.

  2. I love red and white too or red and linen. So funny because I loved the napkins in your last post as well. And I love red wine and white wine too! Who says you have to spend a fortune for good wine. One of my favorites is Apothic Red, around $10 a bottle. It is a blend, but it is one of the smoothest wines I've ever tasted. You should try if you haven't already!

    Are those biscuits with the strawberries? or scones? Everything looks so good!

  3. I love it ALL... You had me at Geraniums! Your table setting & dinner selection is wonderful! I'm coming to your next party... Thanks for sharing your pictures!!!! :)

  4. This is such a lovely table setting. And the linen towel is very beautiful. Can I have your ghost chairs as well?


  5. What a gorgeous table setting. I initially thought it was either at a restaurant or a photo from the web. You are a skilled hostess!

    I feel the same way as you about the little things...they are what makes like wonderful. xo

  6. hi annie,

    i was thinking of you today while i was at the salvo, it's $1 day on monday and there were bargains gaylore!!!!!!!!

    anyway, i love red and white too, except on the exterior of my house. i drink really cheap wine (2 buck chuck)in the summer and make it into sangria. so classy. hahaha.

  7. Truly beautiful and so welcoming. I love how you laid out the water and wine


  8. When did you say you wanted us to come over?!

    All looks wonderful and the food delishhh!

    Warm hugs,


  9. Love your house posts!

  10. Aw, love this! Such a nice combination, makes us want a glass of wine!
    -Jessica & Holly

  11. This is fantastic! I came across your blog this afternoon and absolutely love it. You are quite talented. The bit about the wine made me chuckle -- my sister and her husband are "wine snobs," too, so I've seen the look you described from your friend many a time. I'm a new follower and look forward to gathering some inspiration from your posts!! You can find me over at Coffee & Cabernet. Hope you'll pop over sometime. Best!

  12. Gorgeous pictures, love the whole theme it looks gorgeous on your table. I find red and White combo works all year round.
    An that dessert looks so delicious.

    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog, I'm now following!

    Abigail x

  13. EVERYTHING looks magnificent! I love this post!

    ciao from Newport Beach

  14. Those strawberry shortcakes have me salivating! Yum! Lovely red and white... gxo

  15. I love the way you arrange and display things Annie, everything looks divine! Red and white is a fav combo for me too :)
    Claudia xo

  16. Hooray! I never thought I'd see 100 on my blog. What a treat! And I'm equally loving your blog, too, and am your 89th.

    I love your red and white salt holder. xo

  17. What a beautiful table, Annie. You clearly just have that knack. So simply elegant.

    I really enjoyed sifting through your blog. Your images are so pretty and you write with such an easy voice. I will be following for sure. Thanks for popping in on mine so I could find yours ; )

  18. Your blog is stunning! Your home is gorgeous! Your family is darling! I am so hungry after reading all your foid posts, yum! I would frame that french towel in a NY minute:)))

  19. Annie! your photos are great! I want to come over and have dinner:)

  20. Looks fantastic and I´m sure it tasted the same! :-)

    I´m so envious of you - my city really have boring fabric stores, nothing exciting to be seen. I know it´s possible to order online but then I always get a bit nervous that I´ll order too little... Soon there´s no other option though, if I´ll continue this sewing. :-)

    Oh - and after all my blah blah blah above I just want to add that I´m your new follower, I really like your blog! :-)

  21. annie. i love all your clean photos. you have a sleek, keen eye. thank you for that.

    thank you, too, for stopping by. i am honored to see you as a new follower. oh, and now i am your new follower. i so will be back.

    looking forward to it.

  22. Hello. Thanks for stopping by my blog. This table setting is gorgeous. I love love love your kitchen before and after as well :)

  23. every summer i buy red geraniums; they remind me of the time i lived in italy(i would see them everywhere). thanks for stopping by today and i am really loving your red and white inspiration.

  24. What a refreshing surprise this post was.

    I didn't expect such a beautiful spread, and am now craving strawberry shortcake.

    Your house looks v. east coast from the outside.

    Will have to read more and see more.

    xo jane

  25. Looks heavenly delicious! Enjoy the beautiful day, Kellie xx

  26. Hi Annie,

    I'm loving this post! It's a happy summer, huh? :-)

    So nice to see you on my blog. Thank you for stopping by!

    I hope you're having a great day!


    Luciane at HomeBunch.com

  27. Gelsons!? Are you in my beloved Pasadena? I used to live on the corner of South Oaknoll and Arden. I'm going to have to keep reading!

  28. Absolutely beautiful! I love red and white too (ha! and a theme for dinner parties). The strawberry shortcake has me drooling! Nice job!

  29. If you love red geraniums, you'd love my community-- the Geranium City! Our Square Park is filled with them from May to November. We even have a festival. :)