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sweet peas

The hills of San Juan Capistrano are blooming with Sweet Peas. 
It was very hot today and since I forgot my snake bite kit...I was a little bit chicken about staying around long enough to get all the colors.  I pretty much just grabbed what I could that was on the very edges and ran...

Even just a few little bouquets like this around my house and you could smell their fragrance.

They are so pretty...


  1. What a pretty sight... they certainly are a most lovely thing... gxo

  2. how beautiful annie!

    you are correct about snake season. a few days ago larry was hiking in local hills and came across a rattlesnake that had 11 rattles. i never even knew they had more than one. he filmed it too. he is nuts.

    i love the simplicity of sweet peas in your house. so pretty.

  3. Lovely pics Annie, the flowers look stunning around the house :))

  4. Oh my gosh ... I love sweet peas soooo much. I had no idea they grew wild out there! I would love to drive down and pick some bunches but your snake mention kind of ruins that for me! I have a dear friend that grows them in her yard and always brings me bunches and it is such a treat! I'll bet your house smells glorious ;)

  5. Oh you are brave...snakes scare me.

    The sweet peas are wonderful massed like that and the scent must be intoxicating.
    Your vignettes look lovely Annie.

  6. Oh, I love them, too! They look so pretty and smell so good!!
    Happy Tuesday xxx

  7. Isn't it great to bring fresh flowers inside? I cut some palm fronds yesterday and put them in a tall vase for some greenery. Love your vignettes.

  8. So sweet, simple and pretty!

  9. Hi Annie,

    Thank you for stopping by my blog the other day. Much appreciate the comments.

    I wonder why we don't have sweet peas up here in northern CA (I am assuming yours are wild).

    We have to be careful of snakes here also. A couple of years ago, a rattle snake slithered into the backyard of a friend's home and bit her poor dog. Luckily, the dog survived, but the snake got away.

    Happy to have found you!


  10. I love their color. Your little vignette on the table looks lovely. Spring is here!