l o v e l y t h i n g s


non-meat lovers....look away

 My kids requested hamburgers for dinner tonight.  Not just any burger...these guys know a good burger.  So when we have burgers at home, which is not often, it means a James Beard burger with caramelized onions and swiss cheese.

Caramelized onions on a burger...what could be better?  Start with 3 or 4 onions, add sea salt, freshly ground black pepper, a pinch of sugar, olive oil, butter and balsamic. Cook for about 45 minutes.

This is it after about 45-50  minutes...the entire house smells divine by now.

If you're going to indulge in a burger...you may as well add the sweet potato fries and spicy mayonnaise.  I can't think of a better combination.

This is the James Beard way to  make burgers...so good.


  1. Yum Annie, those onions just look divine!!!...Your kids are sure in for a treat! :))

  2. Look delicious....I love carmelized onions....these would be a tasty treat, your family are very lucky that you cook their favourite foods!

  3. mmmm........... this looks so good! I gave up beef last year, but this makes me crave a burger so much now :)

  4. I don't eat meat, but that looks divine!!! Going to try the carmelized onions on a veggie burger with sweet potato fries and spicy mayo tomorrow. Thank you for all the wonderful recipes! Adore your blog.

  5. Will you adopt me? Looks amazing!

  6. mmmmm!! adopt me too! It looks delicious! I'm not usually a burger fan but I want to eat this right now!!
    I love the pizza post too! I'll do pizza tonight!