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a plethora of plaid

    We recently transitioned my daughter's closet from perpetual summer here in Southern California to fall/winter...she held up a stack of shirts and said..."a plethora of plaid."  I love when she says stuff like this.  We then started noticing plaid everywhere including the holiday MAC collection...so fun...we'll even save the boxes. 


  1. Makes me think I should pull out my old Ralph Lauren bedding. (You remember, with the mixed plaids and ruffles, and those layered bed skirts!)

  2. Oh yeah... plaids are back:)

  3. hi annie,

    what a lovely post. as you know i'm a lover of plaid. if i stacked all the plaid in this tiny house it would prob be as tall as me! in fact i just put on a rrl red plaid shirt and tied a navy bandana around my neck. and as you know i don't live on a ranch.


  4. it seems we both share a love of plaid :)

  5. plaid is such a trend this fall--love the casual look of paid always reminds me of the holidays!