l o v e l y t h i n g s


Lorna's cookies...

My dear friend Lorna sends me cookies for my birthday, at the holidays, but yesterday I was completely surprised when I saw the familiar box on my doorstep.  She always wraps them so beautifully I feel the need to display and enjoy them that way first. But they won't last long... 

The second two photos are from May when she arrived within days of moving back into our house after our renovation.  She helped unpack the kitchen and went to work baking cookies.  Pinwheels and Lemon Shortbread.  She has so many requests from friends and acquaintances for cookies to be sent to students that she has considered starting a cookie baking business, but when I asked her about it recently she said she feels like the "reluctant baker" at the moment.  All I know is that I was the lucky recipient of this batch!


  1. they honestly look too good to eat!
    i wish someone would send me cookies.


  2. so sweet... looks like your friend likes OliveMannaShop.com... such a cute shop... love that 'enjoy' stamp.

  3. such beautiful cookies! and what a wonderful friend to have... lucky you!!

    enjoy indeed!

  4. Jealous...they look so good, bet they taste great...what a good friend!

  5. Those cookies look incredible - your friend is very talented and generous! I've tried to make those pinwheels many times and they never look good - but they taste great!