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cafeteria style dining...meet Lemonade

Last week we spent a few days in LA to shop and eat and check out a new museum.  My daughter did a little research to find a lunch spot in Brentwood/Santa Monica.  We were more than delighted with her find.  Lemonade turned out to be the perfect place for a quick, inexpensive, but delicious lunch.  They serve cafeteria style, but don't let that scare you away.  They have so many healthy salads to choose from.  We went with a spicy kale and cucumber salad and one with red quinoa.  We also each had a small side of white truffle macaroni and cheese.  Yum!  We had guests this weekend and I overheard my daughter describing the food.  She said the macaroni and cheese was prepared stove top and not baked.  Gosh, hard to believe she's only 17!  We chose a blood orange lemonade and a watermelon rosemary.  Worth a stop just for the lemonade...oh and they have amazing desserts.


  1. Vancouver Art Gallery has a great cafeteria as does The Getty...north of L.A.
    I was so gobsmacked by the quality of their food I would go back in a heart beat...
    the travertine and the art are wonderful too!

  2. Sounds like such a fun day! I just had blood orange lemonade for the first time this weekend and it's amazing. It must be the new thing!

    Spicy kale and cucumber salad with red quinoa, hmmm, I might have to make that up as I am obsessed with kale. Isn't it funny how kale is being served everywhere now? Every restaurant I go to has some sort of kale salad on their menu. That wasn't the case 6 months ago, or maybe I never noticed it before because I wasn't a fan until recently.

    BTW, I love what Elizabeth did with my blog. I am hiring her for more. She is top notch!

  3. Yum, looks delicious for a quick lunch with friends! The lemonade looks great too!

  4. This looks sooo good! great find! I am bookmarking this post in my travel folders in case I get out that way soon.

  5. What a sweet looking place! I love those lemonade cups!!

  6. Annie,
    Thanks for the tip about this on my blog. Loving all the fun places to eat while I am here. I am going to try to get to Lemonade tomorrow, my last day. Love unique places like this. Can't wait to try the watermelon rosemary. Yum!


  7. Annie, With your recommendation, Jeff and I went to Lemonade over the weekend...twice! I got the Ginger Peach lemonade and it was so good! If you make it back...try the Lemon Macaroon. They are huge so you can split it between two.