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Casa de Dye * Scottsdale, Arizona

My reason for a recent trip to the Phoenix area was simple...I had a generous invitation to the home of Sydney Dye.  She is a dear friend of my sister's and they have this little group of friends...they call themselves the BDC or BirthDay Club.  These ladies have been celebrating way more than birthdays for almost two decades.  Sydney is a woman of many many talents.  She has a degree in law,  interior design and a few years ago she completed a program at Arizona Culinary Institute and teaches cooking classes in her home.  You can find her at First Fig.com.
As soon as you drive through the gates, you know you are in for a treat.  This vignette is just as you arrive at the front door.  The lanterns and religious candles illuminate the entry at night.
There are wonderful surprises in every corner of the house.  These beautiful vintage crystal bowls sit on cantera stone bases filled with oranges from her property.

Throughout the property there are many comfortable areas to relax and entertain.

Both inside and out, there are little treasures around every corner.
Winter lettuces and tomato trellises made and designed by her husband. 
In addition to an olive grove and orchard, they have oranges, kumquats, Myer lemons and the tree with pink blossoms and beautiful variegated leaves. . . a lemon tree for pink lemonade...of course.
Sydney said they are waiting to sheer the sheep for their annual upcoming Children's Day they host each year for their neighborhood elementary school.
A separate building on the property houses a beautiful workshop with a full bath and complete kitchen.  A dumbwaiter in the kitchen delivers food and beverages to the screening room and wine cellar.  A spiral staircase takes you downstairs and is lined with sconces made from antique garden tiles from England.

One of my favorite things is a sign she has in her potting room/office.  Labor Omnia Vincit, a Latin phrase meaning "hard work conquers all."  A lot of planning and work has gone into this home and property and it was truly a wonderful day to be able to visit with Sydney and her friends while taking in all the beauty she has worked so hard to create.  Sydney served a delicious lunch in this room.  We had a green salad with three varieties of beets, a frittata and warm breads.  The drink she served was  made with simple syrup, fresh ginger and mint, fresh pink grapefruit juice and a bottle of Pellegrino. The table was set using her collection of vintage silver napkin rings.  I also took home a bag of her potpourri.  She just happens to have a tray of rose petals from her rose garden.  She scooped them into a cellophane bag and said to add orange peel and fresh herbs when I got home.  To see more of Sydney's work, take a look at Phoenix Home & Gardens Thank you Sydney for a beautiful afternoon!


  1. wow! looks like the visit was a treat!

  2. Annie,
    I just can't believe it. I have family in the Phoenix area and I've never seen this side of Phoenix that you've shown us. I was led to believe the best place to eat was Applebees.

    Sydney's place looks amazing. I might just have to show up unannounced the next time I'm out there. Thank you for sharing it!


  3. This home is amazing! I am sure you had a wonderful time and made some great memories. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos!

  4. Annie, your photos are beautiful. Sydney has the most inviting home.

  5. WHAT a fun time for all the senses!!! Great reporting from Phoenix!

  6. Although I am not a huge fan of Southwestern Decor, this home is amazing and looks so fun.

    I wish I had the info. from your posts when my husband used to travel to Scottsdale for business. So much of AZ is over-built and commercialized now, it's nice to see some beautiful places to visit.

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Annie,
    Wow, what a tour de force.
    Love it. Sydney is what I call a "dynamo!"
    Hard work - gotta love that.

  8. That was a beautiful post, Annie. I'm so jealous...of her for living there and you for getting the chance to visit. My parents lived in Sedona for many years and we visited all the time, Arizona can be so gorgeous.

  9. What an experience! Her home is beautiful and so warm.

  10. Hell Annie:
    What a very stylish house and garden. Full of interest and everything arranged with an eye for detail and colour. And yet, it all looks so relaxed and welcoming so important for a house to also be a home.

  11. Annie-
    It was such a treat to see Sydney's beautiful Hacienda! What an amazing women! Your great photo's provided us with a wonderful tour. I love about the Southwest... please take me along the next time you travel to Arizona!

  12. Annie,

    I had the pleasure of being there with you at Hacienda Dye.
    Sydney should be so proud of
    this kind of lovely advertisement..

    You are both so talented and appreciative
    of all the beauties of life. Grateful to know you both...