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Preppy Post - Take 2

A while back I did a post on the topic of preppy fashion and apparently I incorrectly linked something and it made by blog disappear.  But with the help of fellow bloggers, I figured it out.  In the 1980s I was as preppy as it gets.  Living in Denver there were stores like Aspen Leaf and the Buccanneer and it was all about prep.  Today I found another copy of the original Preppy Handbook for $1 at a thrift store in Laguna Beach.  It will make a great gift...that is if I can ever let go of any of my thrift store finds.  I become very attached.
Preppy feet...Patrick wearing Sperry Top-Siders and Madeline loves her  Jack Rogers...
Kind of love the Jack Rogers box and I think the Sperry box has the same look as it did in the 80's.
Another come back from the 80's...The original Clark desert boots.  Right out of the box they are so comfortable.....just like they were back then.  I think Patrick will need a pair of these too.           

We love Kiel James Patrick!  We discovered these bracelets last spring and she's been wearing it ever since.  I think it's about time we look into a fall colored bracelet.  And I'm pretty sure she'll find a pair of these in her stocking...check out their new earrings...clip-ons, if you can believe it!  Everything is made in the USA and most of it in Rhode Island...even the piece of fabric and the string they use to tie it up...it arrives looking like a little gift.  If you haven't already read the interview with Kiel James Patrick and Sarah Vickers in Matchbook Magazine...go...it makes me want to trade in my Volvo for a Ford. 



  1. I just read the interview tonight.

    love them and their creations.

    xo Jane

  2. Love this post!!! I remember reading in The Preppy handbook and just cracking up at how Hampden Sydney College in Virginia (where ALL of my guy friends went) was the preppiest college in the book haha! I can't even begin to tell you how different the west coast is from the east coast, so to see your kids rocking that stuff is so fun! It was a HUGE culture shock to move cross country where everyone wheres surf brands and flip flops. I felt so silly dressing harper in monograms and smocked clothing:( I was also used to literally everyone going to private prep schools and boarding schools, and everyone belonging to a country club and being brought up with old, old, oooold family money. Everything here seems new and shiny and I don't even think country clubs exist around here! Gosh I could go on and on and on. It has been a true journey I can tell you that much and I appreciate both the west coast and east coast equally the same! But overally, I am an east coast prep trying to fit in here. So far it's been a FUN ride and I am so happy Harper gets to experience both cultures!