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Small But Charming . . . flowers in the house

Jane at Small But Charming is having another "Flowers in the House" party...go over and check it out.   Jane has some pretty fall blooms from her garden in her kitchen. 

White roses are ubiquitous around here.  I'm not even sure what they are called, but they are everywhere....Not very seasonal, but I like the way they look in my glassybaby votive called Ocean in our powder room.  Don't forget to enter my giveaway for a glassybaby.


  1. Hello Annie:
    How delightful your white Roses look all snuggled up with your white fluffy towels in the bathroom. Lovely!

  2. Perfection. As always.

    Loving those glassbabys.

    just saying:)

    xo Jane

  3. Love the white roses in the blue votive - so simple, and so pretty :-) Fresh flowers are such a wonderful way to decorate your home :-)

  4. I have never seen a vanity / mirror configuration like that before now. Genius!

  5. So pretty! I love having flowers in the bathroom and they are gorgeous in your glassybaby!

  6. I love your flowers, they are so pretty
    and so too is your blog.

    Hope that you are having a good Tuesday.


  7. Your beautiful white roses look like "iceberg" roses..an amazingly easy to grow and continuous blooming white rose...one of my favorites too!
    I am now an official a lovely things subscriber!
    Looking forward to more of your fabulous posts! Kudos to you dear Annie! Sydney

  8. I love all your white towels and those shells really make it feel like an oasis of serenity, and those white roses top it all off.

  9. I love your little arrangement in the turquoise vase, but I love your bathroom even more. Wowsa!

  10. I like so much your blog. Come and check out out mine.


  11. Your ocean glassybaby and the white roses were meant for each other...very pretty!
    xo J~

  12. As usual, love and adore this!
    Annie, may I ask what color/brand of white paint is on your walls? Am starting the process of painting mine and white paint can be tricky! Thank you! Stefanie stefafton@yahoo.com

  13. So charming. I want to pick some roses from our garden right now. Congratulations on your blog's anniversary!

  14. Love the flowers in the bathroom!
    What a lovely idea.

    Abigail x