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Missoni + Target = madness

I had been planning for weeks to ditch my workout class and head straight to Target for the Missoni collection.  I knew it might be a little crazy, but had no idea that by 8 in the morning everything would be gone!  This is what the racks looked like.
I wasn't really shopping for myself, but had promised my daughter I would check it out for her.  I was thinking some cute pajamas, cute little dress or a sweater....all gone.  Racks were empty and women (the ones that weren't already home having their second cup of coffee) were roaming around with full carts of Missoni stuff.  Really?  It's not like they are giving it away.  When I left I watched as two gals stuffed a couple of Missoni bikes into a small SUV.  Do they really need bikes or will they end up on ebay...I'm just wondering.
I didn't walk away empty handed.  I found a pair of rain boots in Madeline's size and a couple of pairs of gloves and a scarf in kids.  It reminded me of the movie "Confessions of a Shopaholic."  "Do I need these?"  She rationalizes the need for gloves because she has hands...okay then. 


  1. It is kinda scary that people had full carts - maybe it is to sell on Ebay, I mean who could need that much Missoni.
    I was gonna check it out - now I guess there is no point - it is probably gone and gone.
    I love what you did manage to find.

  2. It's a bit hard for me to imagine this kind of madness. I guess everyone is ebaying the stuff, right? But I am so happy that your daughter received a few pieces--and what better way to protect cold/wet feet, hands, and neck than a little piece of fashion chaos. :)

  3. I hate that! I wonder if they deliberately understock the store to create a frenzy. I wouldn't put it past them. But the accessories for your daughter are great. I'll check my Target tomorrow, but don't have much hope.

  4. hi annie,

    i went to my target and there was barely anyone there but the women that were there were piling that stuff in their shopping carts faster than you can say ebay. that was my guess too. luggage, towels, comforters, clothes. missoni isn't really my style so i wasn't tempted. to me it looked like cheap knockoff stuff. all man-made fibers and made in china, not italy. i wanted to get a friend the baby outfit but they didn't have any infantwear. and you are right, it wasn't cheap.

  5. What a frenzy. I am inclined to think this is headed for ebay. How exciting for Missoni to have been able to create this frenzy in this economic time.
    Thanks for informing us
    Helen xx

  6. Total Frenzy. I happened to be there with a friend to casually check out the Missoni Collection, and we ended up standing with about 20 people near the back stock room waiting for things to be rolled out. Out of control people reselling stuff online!! I didn't end up wanting anything I saw.

  7. I've been freaked out by the many advertisements for the line.

    Italian knit Missioni? If I could afford it? Yes.

    Target's line, no thank you, nit for me.

    But for sure cute for children.

    xo Jane

  8. I totally forget that today's the day the Missoni collection is out in Target. Then, I checked out Target's website and the site was down for a couple of hours. And true enough, just out of curiosity, I checked on Ebay and found so many of the stuff there. There is a bidding frenzy for certain stuff.

    Anyway, I am glad you got some things for your daughter. That scarf and the pair of boots are beautiful!


  9. I went to Target around 10 AM thinking that I would still find a few pieces. Silly me ... it was all gone. I can't believe that so many people decided to sell on eBay...and I went to a crappy Target in a crappy part of town. I couldn't believe it!

    Not that I really wanted any of it, once I saw it online. Not my style.

  10. Greetings from a Target-free land. Those are charming children's accessories, but the rush sounds like madness!

  11. Wow, that's just crazy! I guess I don't have to ask my husband to take me on a cross-border trip to check it out as there will be nothing left. I got up at 7 a.m. yesterday to go through the website and tried checking out, then the website crashed! It didn't come back up until around 11 a.m., at which point, I had come back to my senses. So I just ordered a few small things - a shirt and 2 silk scarves. I didn't want to buy the bedding or other household things due to their weight, and without seeing the quality first.

  12. I just don't get it. Although, I'm sure if I were a teenager, I'd be all about it! As an adult, crazy patterns don't flatter me. Cute boots, though.

  13. Annie - I totally thought of you yesterday when I remembered the Missoni sale was on! I decided to skip it because I knew it could lead to too much temptation - for things I don't need! It sounds like there wouldn't have been anything left to tempt me anyways! What a story - that empty rack says it all! Love the boots you got for your daughter - so cute for the fall.

  14. Target really should get Missoni to return. I didn't go but my friends who went to the one in Costa Mesa in the am said it was "shopped out." You got great "lovely things."

  15. Buy out big names from big box, list on ebay at ridiculous prices and laugh all the way to the bank. It has been happening for years.But usually it's the employees that get the biggest advantage.

  16. you got some really cute things