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It's fall at Roger's Gardens in Newport Beach, CA

Roger's Gardens is decked out in autumn colors and even here in Southern California where the weather can be pretty warm and it may still feel like summer,  at Rogers it definitely looks like fall.
They have plenty to choose from if orange is not your color.
Inside there are some pretty interesting Halloween decorations.
               Do your weekend plans include a a trip to a nursery or a pumpkin patch in your area?


  1. We are going to get some apples from an orchard
    Happy gathering
    Helen xx

  2. An autumnal symphony of colour.
    Love those mini pumpkins too, they usually grace our Thanksgiving table in October.

    I bought top soil and snowdrop bulbs at the nursery this afternoon.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. I just bought a large pot of orange mums for my front steps, it's funny how those little symbolic gestures mean so much. I love the black cat in the clown suit with the jack-o-lantern!

  4. This is exactly why fall is my favorite time of year! Your photographs are beautiful. It just broke 100 degrees in AZ. I actually put on an orange silk (sleeveless) blouse today with the hope of feeling like I was wearing fall clothes!

  5. Well, my weekend plans now include a trip to my favorite local nursery! The colors are so beautiful and I'm really in the fall spirit! Happy weekend to you!

  6. This just screams Fall. Love the white pumpkins - plan on using them this year!

  7. Such beautiful displays, I love how Americans put so much effort into Hallowee'en - I haven't even tasted pumpkin, nor does Starbucks here even offer pumpkin lattes.

  8. Hello Annie:
    Although it is always sad to see the end of summer, there is, of course, so much still to look forward to at the turn of the year, This autumnal display really welcomes in this time of year with all of its rich, golden colours and starts to put one in mind of all the delicious, warming foods which have been absent over the summer months.

    Here the warm weather continues as summer clings on. We are enjoying it to the full.

  9. Oh my, what glorious autumn colours! What a lot of work must have gone into those garden center displays. We don't really 'do' Halloween here in the UK like you do in the US, so pumpkins are far less in evidence. Sadly, because I love them :)

  10. Roger's garden looks like such a great place - they have amazing choices!

    I didn't get any goards or pumpkins yet, just some mums. I usually wait until the first week of October to get anything.

    We lived in Southern California when my girls were little, and I can remember taking them to a pumpkin patch in Long Beach decked out in cute fall clothes and tights - so we could take pictures with all the pumpkins and have it look like fall, even though we were all sweltering.

    Have a great weekend xo Ashlyn

  11. Oh how i love Roger's Gardens! Thanks for this post, now I want to get down there myself! Glorious fall color...
    Enjoy your weekend,

  12. Great Pictures! I love that huge chandelier hanging down low in the Halloween area. I was at Roger's last week, and wow, that'll get you in the mood for fall! Thanks for posting.

    stop by for a visit soon....


  13. I love Rogers Gardens.. I'm from (and live in) Sweden, but I have family in Newport Beach and I visit often and also lived there for 14 months a few years ago..

    It's great to get reminded of that place!!!

    Thank for a nice blog and for sharing.