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a view from my kitchen sink

Leslie from Hostess of the Humble Bungalow has asked us to post a view from our kitchen sink/window.  My first thought was that I don't have a kitchen window...so therefore nothing to contribute.  But actually she asked for a view from the kitchen sink.  Well everyone has one of those. 
I spend a lot of time at my kitchen sink...Most of us do and although I don't have a window to look out, I do like to surround myself with things I enjoy.  The bottle was a gift from my friend Suzanne.    I was so surprised when I opened it.  I think she said she found it at a place that has all sorts of stuff out on the lawn and inside the shop in Scott's Corner/Pound Ridge, NY.  It reminds me of all the times I looked out my window at my kitchen sink in New Canaan.  A far different view there than here in California.
It was not easy to find a photo that showed my view of my kitchen sink in CT, but when we first moved my youngest was just two.   Every morning there were deer,  wild turkeys, cardinals...trying to get a two year old to zero in on what I was seeing...not easy.  This led my kids to discover the joy of running outside in any kind of weather to "scare" the wildlife. 


  1. Thank you Annie.
    I have linked your images....
    you honour me by participating.

  2. Lovely Annie...and what a gorgeous kitchen sink you have...
    Hope you are enjoying your w/end
    Claudia xo

  3. That first image has taken my breath away with its simple beauty.

    Oh dodo here doesn't have view either but yes I do have sink so I'll get on to this! My kitchen is horrible, this has inspired me to price tiles etc.

  4. see what i mean? isn't she just so polite!!!!!!!

    i love your kitchen annie. and just to let you know i love my wall-mounted taps but i have to wipe up after them too. i guess there is no getting around that.

  5. Love this, and I too have mixed emotions when I'm at my current sink in New England...can't help but compare with memories of my sink in California. I'm gearing up to do one of these posts myself any day now, it's fun seeing yours.

  6. And what a lovely kitchen sink... can't beat black and white can you?! gxo

  7. Your post reminded me of when Alexandra and Graham would play in the woods, going on adventures, looking for wild animals... my how the time goes by so quickly.
    Beautiful photos!

  8. More beautiful photos! I love how you have used old glass bottles as flower vases. It's simple and very pretty. Thanks for sharing these photos.

  9. dont you just love old bottles!, I have tonnes. Your kitchen is dreamy.
    T x