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Just another beautiful day in Southern California

Strands Beach, Dana Point, CA.  Photos by Ryan Donahue.


  1. Hello Annie:
    We do love the sea. These photographs capture such a wonderful sense of place.

    When we were in Brighton recently we watched for hours someone kiteboarding if indeed that is the right word. These are real athletes who pit their strength against the mighty waves. Not for us, we fear, apart from watching!!

  2. wowwww!!! This is amazing! I would love to go there!

    You're right about your comment in my post. I said to my mum: a girl of the "blog world" said to me that my days at home sure that makes you happy. And my dad said: hey I'm happy too of having you home! :) Since I was 20 I wasn't so much time at home, now I'm 28 and I love it!
    I hope you understand it, sometimes I feel that my English is everyday worse!
    I wish you a very nice week!

  3. It must have been a beautiful day all over California, judging from the facbook updates of CA friends...

  4. Lucky us! I am actually in Mammoth right now...gorgeous here too.

  5. Dear Annie

    These pictures depict life in beautiful California
    Thank you for sharing with us your little part of paradise.

    Helen xx

  6. Hi Annie, these pics are beautiful, peaceful and relaxing...the colours are amazing :)

    Have a great week
    Claudia xo

  7. The green colour of that wave looks surreal. Surfing must be such fun.
    Gorgeous day to play at the beach.

  8. One of the most relaxing vacations I ever had was with a couple of my closest girlfriends in San Clemente, just down the way from you. There is something you can't beat about the inviting waves and warm sand in Orange county that we don't have in northern CA.

    Do you, your husband or kids surf?