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a sweet suite

This is our daughter, Madeline's room.  It's actually a suite combining two little rooms, a bathroom and a walk-in closet.  Her friends call it her "doll house" and my husband refers to it as her NYC apartment, only in California.

This sitting room is using space above the garage.  It has three windows on the side and three windows in front which is her closet.  You can see the space here on House Exterior - Before and After.
This little corner of her room is a great spot to keep her magazines.  She loves magazines as much as I do! 
Looking into her sitting room from her bedroom.  There are two steps down which provides extra seating for her friends.
This little hutch is from Room and Board.  It's great for storage, but she never liked that you could see what was inside before we added the fabric on the inside of the doors.  We have yet to make pillows with all the beautiful fabrics we found at http://maisonnetteoceanside.com/We cut two pieces of fabric and attached them inside with bright pink tape.  No sewing involved, but problem solved!
Her desk is from West Elm, chair is from IKEA.  When I started to photograph her room I took a look around and hardly changed a thing.  This is how her room looks most of the time...she's amazingly neat for a teenager.
She loves her inspiration board and keeps finding little spots for new things she finds.
Her bed is tucked into the corner.  I had given measurements to our contractor, but when the furniture was moved in we had a bit of a problem.  The bed did not fit the space.  We tried to move the furniture around, but there was no place large enough for the bed.   The contractor had to add wheels to the bed so that it can be pulled out to make.  There is a little cubby that holds a small lamp, book and glass of water.
My husband built this piece when we were first married.  It has been painted a creamy white distressed finish in the shabby chic days.  Then it was in our living room painted black as a bar for years.  Now it has found its way into Madeline's room and holds her books, perfume bottles and inside the drawer, her jewelry.
We lined the drawer with pink construction paper and placed all her little bowls and plates to keep her jewelry safe and free from tangles.  Each has a story of where it's from and why it's special.  The blue stripe one is from her 8th grade Latin trip to Rome, the one next to it with the pink rose is from Melissa's adorable shop, Bixby & Ball.
Her bathroom is tiny too...so impossible to photograph.  We added white painted brick on one wall to give it an old feeling.    She has some storage to the left of the toilet with pullout drawers.  The tub/shower is all white subway tile.
I designed board and batten walls for each room in the house.  I love the texture and warmth it adds.  The photo was taken with a cheap underwater camera when Madeline, age 10 was snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef.  I almost didn't process the film thinking it would not be worth it!  I was so surprised!

Some day I will have a painting made like this by Jane Mount for each of my kids.  I know Madeline's list of favorites will include a few of these.


  1. A lovely and very stylish suite she has!

    Tori will be so envious when I show this to her.
    I will be sure to point out how organized Madeline is :)

  2. This room is perfectly lovely! She's one lucky girl!


  3. I want to come back in another life as Madeline!

  4. I'm 31 years old and still dream of having a girl's room like this!

    And my husband paints book watercolors!


  5. Such a beautiful room and so functional too.
    I love the bed and your solution of putting it on wheels for bed making.
    Great colour scheme too.


  6. Madeline will never want to leave this amazing room! I love her bulletin board. She loves NY and Paris....just like my daughter.

  7. Your daughter must love her room! What a great retreat for her and love that she has her own sitting room! I would have loved something like that when I was growing up. All of the details you put into it are just perfect. Beautiful job, Annie!

  8. That is wonderful, it's her own little apartment, I wish I had had a space like that. It's such a cool space too, though youngsters probably don't say cool anymore.

  9. Please tell me she isn't always this neat...! I love the drawer full of little dishes.

  10. Oh this is an amazing space! I love your use of red and the wee bathroom looks like a mini spa!

  11. What a lovely room! And your daughter is so neat!

  12. What a lucky girl to have a space like that! Beautiful!

  13. I've been waiting for this post for a long time, since I first started following your blog. What a pretty room she has. I love all the trim. Does Madeline miss NY? What a different life, from NY to So Cal. I love that she has a box of crayons on her desk too.

  14. Madeline's room is amazing! Can't wait to see Pat's room!

  15. Annie,

    What an incredibly lucky girl Madeline is. Her room is amazing and I'm sure the envy of all her friends (and me! : ) Warms my heart to see her Bixby & Ball dish! You two are the best! : )

    xo Melissa

  16. What a fabulous space! I wish I was that mature with my style when I was her age.

  17. What an amazing space - it's like a small apartment! I am quite envious. there are lots of little individual touches that really set this apart. I especially like the little dishes for storing jewellery.

  18. What a gorgeous room/suite Madeline has. I'd be very happy living in there. I don't think she will ever want to move out! Ange

  19. Lucky girl! I would have loved this room as a teenager. Who am I kidding? I would love this room now! I'd also love all those Tiffany's boxes in the piece your husband built ;) And of course, I can't forget to mention how much I like the NY theme.

  20. Your kids are so blessed...another fabulous dream room! I love the painted books, genius!
    xo J~