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Blog Troubles

My blog seems to be having a mind if its own and it's giving me a head ache.  Has anyone experienced this?  My post titles, followers and labels are switching to purple and blue and sometimes underlined.  I tried Blogger Help Forum and did as they suggested, but still the problem persists.  If anyone has any ideas on how to fix this, I would be so grateful if you could pass along the information.


  1. I haven't,but Advil usually helps!!! ;)
    Good luck!

  2. I have had some issues lately with followers disappearing, then suddenly reappearing. And I get logged out of google connect for no reason - that has happened twice in the last half hour. I also get weird error messages but when I try doing whatever it was again, it works. Have you tried logging out of blogger and signing in again?

    It seems like ever since we had that black out last month, things have been weird.

    By the way, I have a little bloggy award for you at my place - please stop by!


  3. yes Annie I know exactly what you mean, I often find that the title font is not my chosen one - depending on which computer I'm on - and I've wondered more than once if other bloggers are seeing what I want them to see...it is a bit of a headache - really hope you can sort it out - it's always a pleasure to visit you anyway so wouldn't worry too much but yes it can be stressful!

  4. Annie, I had some issues a few weeks ago. I found that I had to sign out of my blog and then resign back in. When you sign back in do not click the box that says 'keep me signed in'. By doing these steps, it seemed to fix my issues. Hope it helps you.

  5. Oh I know...we have had such great service until that glitch last month and now we are in rough seas.

    I hope that this too will pass!

  6. Hello Annie:
    We can, we are afraid, offer nothing but tea and sympathy. But we do know what you mean and how you feel having experienced no end of problems ourselves a week or so back.

  7. Blogger has been driving me bananas for the past two weeks. Seems it is happening to many others too. I found it helped when I 'unchecked' the 'stay signed in' box. M x

  8. Sometimes when you copy-pasted something from another blog or a word documents that happens, you need to find that post of text, cut it, paste it into a word pad and re-post it.

  9. I had lost my followers but then after a week they reappeared. I lost my blog list and had to redo it. And it's been tricky downloading pictures.

    But now it's so hot here I don't seem to care as much:)

    Lucky, lucky woman you are moving to Southern California....it's prob in the 80's, right?

    xo jane

  10. It's funny because the purple and the underlines went away when I clicked to comment! I hate blogger troubles, they make me feel so helpless. The help forum is pretty useless, too. Good luck!

  11. Yeah, blogger can be so unpredictable! I try and do as much as I can offline and hopes it rights itself. Sorry, not much help :(

  12. I didn't notice any of those troubles when I signed into your page today...hopefully it miraculously repaired itself. Blogger has been acting weird lately..I hope it gets back to normal soon...good luck!