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A little Lilly....

Lilly Pulitzer Special Edition animal crackers  . . . at Walmart!  I love a little Lilly, I don't wear it, but the colors and patterns are so happy.  My twin sister and I wore it when we were young, this is a dress my daughter wore when she was 5.  My dear friend Hilary and her twin actually plan a girls trip every year for the annual Lilly sale in King of Prussia, PA.  I used to see Hilary at the school bus stop every afternoon and I always looked forward to seeing how she wore her Lilly.  Not all pink and green, she has great style and always knew how to add just the right amount.  She will definitely love the box...hopefully they have them in CT too !


  1. Oh my goodness! These are too cute and I can't believe you got these at Walmart! I'm going to make a special trip there so I can get these for my daughter's birthday party on Friday. Really? Walmart? Too cute!

  2. oh geez back to walmart!

    that place is getting dangerous. i must get these for my grandaughter. thanks annie.


  3. Oh Annie these look so cute!

    I remember animal crackers from my childhood but they were very plain and never ever preppy!

    I think I was born before preppy was invented!

  4. Oh my gosh those are adorable ... I guess I need to go to Walmart - who would have thought!

  5. They look like they came from a very fancy delicatessan!

  6. These are cute! Enjoy the lovely weekend, Kellie xx

  7. I think Walmart is on to something. How to get non Walmart shoppers into a Walmart? Lure them with a label. Lily animal crackers. I might even venture in there.

  8. designer animal crackers?! now i've seen everything :-) the box design is super cute

  9. Ha! I love it!

    Did you know San Pellegrino just recently did a collaboration with Missoni! I blogged about it while drinking the whole bottle! I swear it tasted differently, hahaha!

    Do share your Burberry project with me. I hope to get my chair back soon, I have another meeting at Acanthus Tuesday to finalize everything and then all systems are a go! She also mentioned it might get featured in Oregon Home--sweet!