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Before and after

When I started to write this blog I was intending to write about the experience of moving, remodeling a house and all that goes along with that.  I've realized that I have yet to post one photo of my house.  I think it's because it's still a work in progress.  But it probably always will be.  I think that's the fun of it--never really being finished.  I am so happy to be planting my front porch pots for the very first time in California!  I even used sticks that I carefully packed from Connecticut.

The before...just one year ago.


  1. oh my annie! it looks like you've added a room over the garage, added shingle siding and new windows. and i adore the dutch door. it all looks so beautiful and you are in newport to boot? wow, just gorgeous. are you pretty much done renovating or is there still a lot to do? it looks fab.


  2. It looks like a Craftsman style home...lovely siding and great colour.
    Your entry is very welcoming and I like the Connecticut sticks !
    Tell us more...please!

    I live in a very old bungalow...always a work in progress...far far from perfect.

  3. wow, it is blow me away stunning! love the shakes and dutch door, oh my.

  4. It looks beautiful Annie, just gorgeous. I love it. :))

  5. annie - i hope you don't mind me posting a photo of your "advent" calendar on my blog? please feel free to email me if you do and i'll take down. let me know..

  6. WOW! Your house is stunning and I love the shakes, your brick herringbone porch, the dutch door and your planters!! Fabulous job! Post more, please!! I'm your newest follower!