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industrial + rj imports + Mary Ann

Last week I met up with Mary Ann of  classic . casual . home at RJ imports.  Some of my favorite pieces in our current home are from RJ's and I can't wait to see how they work in my new home.
 RJ Imports is in an industrial area of San Juan Capistrano in a warehouse along side the train tracks. Recently they've spruced up a bit and have styled some areas to give you an idea of what some things might look like at home.  You can see Mary Ann in the mirror.  She is as warm, funny and beautiful in person as she comes through on her blog.
    I may need one of these before I leave...hopefully still in the crate...to get it their in one piece.
    The parking lot is filled with pots, urns, tables, and items for your patio or courtyard.
 I would love that large hutch to possibly use as a closet/dresser....Since our home was built in 1900 and I have not actually seen the house, I'm not sure if it has closets.  When I asked my husband he said, "No, I think it has closets."  No, yes...what does that mean exactly? 
                                                  I love a little industrial...what about you?


  1. You got me at "warehouse along the train tracks" - sounds industrial and a fun place to poke about! I can't wait for you to assess the closet conundrum.

  2. Oh, those glass bottles are wonderful - and the big mirror would be so great to have!

  3. I'd love to find an awesome place like that to shop around here! I love that gigantic mirror- looks like something from Restoration Hardware only even cooler. And all those big bottles...ah.

  4. What a place - man, sign me up!! I love the second to last picture with the patio chairs - great pillows and the little green funky chest! The big piece in the back that you want would be so cool as a dresser or closet.

    Can I just say again that I am dying to see your new place!! xo Ashlyn

  5. Oh my gosh, that place looks amazing!!! I would definitely be in trouble there! ;o)

  6. what a gorgeous place annie. i think my husband speaks the same language as yours. hahha. xo

  7. I think I'm as excited as you are about your move and your new house, what a fun experience it will be wandering through the rooms for the first time! Hope you have at least a few closets ;)

  8. Amazing place! I absolutely adore all the items I can see in the pictures! Especially the industrial stools in the first pictures. Absolutely amazing!

    Have a lovely day!

  9. Oh that place looks like a gem.
    How exciting to have a new home and a heritage one at that!
    I bet you can't wait to see it...

  10. I just saw Mary Ann's post too ... what a great place - I wish I had remembered that it was there (didn't you post about this before) because I was just down there not too long ago. Next time! I was going to comment that your photos look great today ... and then noticed that you are posting on blogger - so strange that they seem brighter on this format. I cannot wait to see what you do with your next house - it sounds like it is going to be spectacular! Glad you are taking time to have fun even in the midst of your busy moving schedule.

  11. I still can't fathom that you have not seen the house in person. You are a brave gal. I am laughing at your comment about your hubby not being sure if there were closets in the house or not, so typical.

    Go get that turquoise hutch. I absolutely love it, and if you do indeed have closets, you will definitely find room for it somewhere in the house.

  12. I have not been to SJC in such a long time!

    Thank you so much Annie, I will make it a destination next time I'm down there.....kelley

  13. Looove those bottles and perhaps I can convince you to bring me one when you move! Our 1920 home has limited closet space so I'd definitely invest in a hutch or armoire. We have one that is the work horse of the family! When exactly will be arriving? Can't wait to meet in person.

  14. Oh wow! I MUST go to this place. It looks incredible! Loving all the great paint finishes on everything.

    Also, I'm quite sure my husband would not have an answer to whether there were closets if he were charged with picking out a house.

  15. Looks like a great store and a fun time. Love the colors in those two pillows.