l o v e l y t h i n g s


Before and after

When I started to write this blog I was intending to write about the experience of moving, remodeling a house and all that goes along with that.  I've realized that I have yet to post one photo of my house.  I think it's because it's still a work in progress.  But it probably always will be.  I think that's the fun of it--never really being finished.  I am so happy to be planting my front porch pots for the very first time in California!  I even used sticks that I carefully packed from Connecticut.

The before...just one year ago.


Thanksgiving for 4

This was our first Thanksgiving in our new California house and the first time we cooked for just the four of us.  We set up a small desk in the living room to make it a little more cozy than sitting in the dining room.
The Menu...Herb roasted turkey breast, brown butter glazed carrots, green beans with caramelized shallots and roasted mushrooms, stuffing, garlic mashed potatoes, Brussels sprouts and pearl onions in horseradish cream and Trader Joe's cranberry sauce.  

What I'm thankful for...
And a little football on  the beach...
One of the best things about doing the cooking--leftovers!  While watching Today Show this morning we got some great ideas for what to make with the leftovers from David Zinczenko, "Cook This, Not That!"


LA kind of day...

We started our LA day at the new Santa Monica Place.  We had been before, but now most everything is open.  It has a very industrial feel throughout.  Even the Bloomingdale's really feels one of a kind.  The store itself is similar in size to the SoHo store, but feels very different with its cement floors, warm wood, and local art.  It has a very SoCal kind of feel without trying too hard.  Service was at its best...everyone seemed to want to help us.  The roof top dining deck is beautiful with amazing Ocean views which includes the Santa Monica Pier.

The CB2 had an interesting a seasonal display...

My daughter was checking out the wares at the new Kitson store on the adjacent 3rd Street promenade.

We first saw this beautiful art when it was being installed last August.  It really gives you a sense of what to expect or hope for once inside the new Bloomingdale's.

Ice skating outdoors in Southern California!  We did not expect this...right there at 5th and Arizona...it was a beautiful southern California day, but I'm sure with the lights on and without the midday glare it might seem a little more festive after dark.
We went to Fred Segal for probably the best burger we've ever had had at Umami Burger.  I wish I had the good sense to snap a photo before we devoured it.  Then we had to check out the new displays.  There is always something to see...

Then we headed over to Heath Ceramics at 7525 Beverly Blvd.  This was our original purpose of the trip after all...to find a hard copy of Anthology Magazine.  Can you believe it?  They sold out earlier in the day.  The ceramics were beautiful, but I do not need a single dish.  However, I did snatch up several of these Weck canning jars.  I love the small sizes in different shapes.  I'm starting to think hostess/neighbor holiday gifts.  The late day sun is making me think we need to start heading south again for home...

But, as we head west on Beverly Boulevard over to Santa Monica I realize we will be passing right by Century City Mall...which happens to have a Madewell.  This is my daughter's favorite shop and since it's the closest one to home, We ended our day and I took this last shot just as we were about to leave.


Anthology magazine...

I'm not sure if I've been living under a rock or what...but through a blog (and I am sorry I cannot remember which one) I read about a new magazine that is just about to debut.  I am thrilled to say the least.  We have a long weekend coming up so we will be taking a few mini LA adventures and one will be in search of a hard copy of Antholgy magazine


a plethora of plaid

    We recently transitioned my daughter's closet from perpetual summer here in Southern California to fall/winter...she held up a stack of shirts and said..."a plethora of plaid."  I love when she says stuff like this.  We then started noticing plaid everywhere including the holiday MAC collection...so fun...we'll even save the boxes.