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Domino. . . you make my heart sing!

Ashlyn wrote about Domino first thing this morning...and by 6 o'clock I had a copy in my hands.  And I have to say even with all the hype and publicity this issue has received...it did not disappoint.  "quick fixes"...this is absolutely perfect for my personal endeavor.  In case you haven't read in my previous posts, we bought a home built in 1900 in Connecticut and will relocate back to the NY area this summer.  The thing is...I haven't actually seen the house.  I think it will need a few "quick fixes' while we figure everything out...but I can't wait!  


  1. I thought that this publication was discontinued!
    I will be going to Barnes and Noble to find a copy this weekend. Thanks for the heads up!
    Annie, it is going to be so much fun watching the quick fixes in your vintage Connecticut home.

  2. Hi Annie. I have never read this magazine but I love new magazines so I will check this one out. I can't wait to see what you do with your new house. You have to be sure to take before and after shots.

    BTW, I loved how you styled the above photo!

  3. Running out to grab a copy today! Thank you so much for the heads up. You have so many great ideas in your head for your new house. It will be so much fun to follow along! Cannot wait!

  4. I miss domino! This is definitely on my list to pick up this weekend!

  5. Hi Annie..thanks for stopping by my blog...best of luck with your move!

  6. I'm running to the store to pick this issue up - finally hired a designer to help me with my "quick fixes" since they weren't getting fixed quick enough for my taste! So miss this publication and can't wait to see the goodies inside.

  7. Thank you very much, Annie, for your kind comment, which I appreciate a lot! This kindness brings people together from all over the world :)
    Many greetings from Belgium,

  8. I need to pick this up! Happy to help with any quick fixes when you move back east.....even if it is barter for one of your lovely little bouquets or a happy meal prepared by you:)
    Enjoy your Sunday!

  9. I picked up a copy, but still haven't my way through it. Looking forward to seeing your quick fixes in NY. Have always loved your style.

  10. Annie,
    Love Domino. I am hoarding all my back issues. I was so sad when it folded. I am getting this tomorrow. Love your flowers by the way...You need to be a stylist. Or were you one before? I am looking forward to seeing al you will do in your new home!


  11. I picked it up this weekend and really enjoyed it! I really miss Domino and Southern Accents too!


  12. I LOVE DOMINO & UR FAB BLOG! glad I found it, can't wait to sit down one of these days & explore it . I used to live in Norwich CT, so far my fave place to live ! Good luck on UR move.